Rugby, Italy also loses against Scotland: but therefore six nations suffer one

Rugby, Italy also loses against Scotland: but therefore six nations suffer one

End of Kali series, except the day of redemption. In the last 24 matches with Scotland and now, with 25 defeats on their backs, another game closed on zero points (second in the tournament, it had never happened), making Ireland and England very difficult to hold onto anything. had to face. The Scots were the first to shrink, as losing to Rome would lead to hell in Edinburgh and put the future of coach Gregor Townsend in grave danger. But the tender Italy was worse: they had to win, showed they were not technically or mentally prepared and lost 0–17. Azzurri was swallowed up in a black hole of turnovers (9 only in the first half), they never managed to maintain the clarity needed to hurt their opponents, they threw gold balls and gave a clear sense of helplessness. .

Italy scored the best goals against Scotland Bunker (only two goals in the tournament, 13 conceded by us) In the First Half: At the age of 13, Hayward did not see Minoji for free after a brilliant break by Bellocini, and at 22 ′ Polledry, after undressing Cardi, passed an opponent’s serve without seeing the ball. That ball broke the delicate balance: the hogs, the captain and the blue counter-prince, actually took it in the opposite direction of the field with a spectacular 50-meter slalom.

This action was enough to shift security and balance: Scared Scotland, while Italy sank deeper and deeper into her performance concerns. Did not keep anyone away from the fight (250 at the end) but piled mistakes on top of each other. Brealey was very predictable, with three-quarters playing far away from the lead line. For Scotland, dragged by Watson, an Englishman from Manchester, who was an elected man of the match with Glasgow’s great-grandparents, became a regular, defying any danger.

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One of the young men, Riccini, was trying to revolt, But he planned and went out on a stretcher (the third time he did in the hospital: TAC in the neck), the Scots scored a second goal and the rest were awaiting release, the end of the game. Franco Smith, swollen his left eye next to Captain Biggie, told a different story, he tried to defend himself: I didn’t see the disaster, we created opportunities without realizing, we know where to improve. And this group works hard. We need to achieve solidity, work hard, only then can we handle the pressure. But we are at the beginning of a journey.

The problem where this path will lead. True, there are smart young people behind the first team who were not there once, true everything you want, but Italy, it cannot win or even be competitive in Italy, Six Nations. He will remain there, because the tournament is a private club and a member of the Azzurri Club and because no better team in Europe has been able to replace us.

But we must be honest: For us Six Nations is not a party, a misery that has not seen its end.

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