Rugby. Scotland defeated XV of France, “We must show humility” Galthié. For

  Rugby.  Scotland defeated XV of France,

What is your first feeling?

“You saw the scenario of the match. We retrieve the last possession of the ball. You just had to get in touch and the match was over. we did not. We were punished for this action, which forced us to defend another streak on which we test defeat. It’s hard to lose like this. “

Can the fact of winning by 21 points upset your players?

“I don’t believe in that. We decided to build the game and take the points when they got up. The rain didn’t really allow us to take any risks. We’ve felt many times that one team beat the other. We have taken the lead. But the other didn’t let go. At times we have been in control. But we should also highlight the Scottish performance.”

Where was this match played?

“It was played on stages of victory, uphill fight, physical challenge. Maybe three matches against England, Wales and Scotland we played against. These are boxing fights all the time. Players last three weeks diving into resources.

What do you remember from this tournament, second place or two defeats?

“I especially remember the harshness of the competition. All the clashes were fiercely contested. And with the exception of the first against Italy, the matches changed in the last five minutes or even on the final action. There were different storylines and content. Losses. You have to show humility after that. We finished second in the tournament for the second time. The report is yet to come.”

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