Schick plays the hero, Scots harvest

Patrik Schick (République tchèque) et Ryan Fraser (Écosse) n

The ski double, the festival of goalkeeper Vklik and the inadequate Scottish masses… Find our top and our flops of the match between Scotland and the Czech Republic (0-2).

Top most

Czech Republic is…

He has scored only 9 goals in 29 Bundesliga appearances at Bayer Leverkusen this season. And he launched his Euro 2020 with a double. With a beautiful uncrossed header, Czech striker Patrick Schick opened the scoring just before half-time, on a cross from Vladimir Kaufal (42nd, 0-1). His intense call and a fair reward for his activity that scuttled the Scottish defense. Then he stopped time. In a minor position about 45 yards away, Schick saw the forward position of goalkeeper David Marshall. Later a lobbed strike from the left and Czech Republic made the break (52nd, 0-2). We have to work hard to score better goals in the European Championship.

… but also Vaclik. is

With a skilled center forward and an imperial keeper, there is a good chance that a team will emerge victorious. Proof at Hampden Park this Monday afternoon. Tomas Vaiklick is probably the real man of the match, so he hated the Scots. The Sevilla FC goalkeeper first won his duel against Liverpool’s left side Andrew Robertson by deflecting the ball over his bar (32nd). Then his left hand became firm on the backward dive after a cross passed by a defender (49th). He again used a brilliant reflex with his right foot to strike Lyndon Dykes (66th). In the game of “expected goals”, with these advanced statistics providing the number of goals a team “should” have in relation to their chances, Scotland finished on 2.31 goals. Thanks or Vaclick’s reason, he has zero.

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Scotland’s offensive borders

Without falling into the clichés of old-fashioned British football, Scotland is not the great Spain of 10 years ago. The race ahead and its straight game built on intensity pushed the Czech Republic to its limits. But faced with a team that had an answer to the challenge, it was quickly overcoming its limits. Center forward Lyndon Dykes won only 6 of his 16 fights, apart from wasting a huge opportunity against Weklick (66th). Midfielder John McGuin was blocked on his 4th strike. Overall, Scotland have scored only 4 runs out of their 19 attempts. The Czech central hinge, made up of Tomas Kalas and Ondrej Selustka, was happy to counter at least 5 shots.

Hampden Park Wasn’t Enough

The atmosphere before the match was pleasant. Even with a limit of around 12,000 spectators, or 25% of its capacity, Hampden Park, the eternal home of the Scottish team, inspired an atmosphere of its own. To hear the Scottish public that had won over a slightly aerial duel was enough to excite the people of Steve Clark. But football is not played in the stands. We heard nothing more from British fans after Patrick Schick’s second goal before the hour mark. The magic didn’t work for Scotland, who will play again in their den against Croatia on the last day of the group stage next Tuesday. Meanwhile, there is a short trip … Wembley, this Friday (9 pm), in a match that smells of powder on English soil.


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