Scientists say the UK will face 1,000,000 new cases a day by October

Scientists say the UK will face 1,000,000 new cases a day by October

“If, and if it is fairly large, but if it does not continue. . . You will end up with about 50,000 cases every day in mid-October, ”said Vallans. A month later, this could cause more than 200 deaths a day, he said.

The evil warning comes amid speculation that the British government is preparing to introduce a new round of restrictions. Britain is expected to take further action as Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes a statement in Parliament on Tuesday.

With reports of new measures, worries of an outbreak elsewhere in Europe helped send stocks tumbling on Monday. London’s FTSE 100 index fell 4.4 percent, and the Pan-European Stocks 600 index fell 2.4 percent.

Other European countries that have seen a new increase in coronavirus cases have chosen Targeted local restrictions On the repetition of the full-scale lockdown from the spring.

Johnson has also said he wants to avoid another broad closure of the economy, and has made it clear on several occasions that he particularly wants schools to remain open.

Analysts said the government could introduce new curfews, fines, limits on reuniting families. Another possibility would be a two-week mini lockdown that could act as a “circuit breaker”.

Just last week, the government released “Rule sixReducing the number of people who allow socializing both inside and outside the home. An estimated 13.5 million people live under local lockdown restrictions across the country.

The burden of Britain’s coronavirus cases began to rise again in July, government scientists said, especially among young adults. On Monday, 4,368 daily cases were reported. At the peak of Britain’s outbreak in April, about 5,000 Daily Cases were reported.

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The UK’s chief medical officer issued a statement on Monday recommending that Britain’s Covid-19 warning level be raised from 3 to 4, meaning the transmission is “either low or rising fast.”

Vallans said about 8 percent of the population may have antibodies, which may fade over time. “The virus is genetically advanced, but it has not changed in terms of its growth and its ability to cause disease and death,” he said.

Britain’s death toll in Europe is 1,7777.

“We’re seeing another wave coming now. We’ve seen it in France, in Spain, all over Europe,” Jones said last week. “It’s been absolutely inevitable. I’m afraid we’ll see him in this country.”

“If we don’t do enough, the virus will spread,” Whitty said. At the moment, it is the path on which we clearly move forward. “

He said disruptions could be here for some time – “we should see this as a six-month problem” – and stressed that society as a whole needs to take action.

“A lot of people say, ‘Well, can’t people just be allowed to take their own risk?'” He said. But the problem is that “sooner or later, the chain will find people who are sensitive or have a long-term problem for the elderly or covid.” “You can’t just take your own risk in an epidemic. Unfortunately you’re taking a risk on behalf of everyone else.”


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