Scotland: £ 50 voucher for bike repair

Scotland: £ 50 voucher for bike repair

Between initiatives taken by the Scottish Government to addressCoronavirus virus Chances are, for those wanting it, to use A. £ 50 bonus for spending on repairing an old bicycle.

Is of consideration Pedal wish to return For those who already own a bike but who can stand in the garage for years with flat tires, tire changes and some brakes to adjust.

Is about An initiative Which will allow a great many people Put many bicycles back on the road, By injecting small amounts of money directly into the real economyEspecially in cases of small bike workshops that deal primarily with repairs.

They will be able to use the £ 50 bonus All models of two wheelsFor those children, wheelchairs for riding bikes, as well as handicaps with manual push are also included in the government initiative.

buon is funded with 1.5 million funds And is part of a £ 30 million scheme It can be used to create more space for pedestrians and bicycles to ensure mutual distance and beyond 30,000 bicycle sales and repair shops Is present in Scotland.

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