Scotland: a haunted village whose private beach is on sale for 145,000 euros!

Scotland: a haunted village whose private beach is on sale for 145,000 euros!

my own village, Do you like it? If so, pack your bags and go thereScotland, There, on the banks of Loch Tai in Perthshire, lies the “old village of the Lords”. The lot covers 1.34 hectares and includes a private beach, native forest, fishing rights, not to mention the ruins of a 17th century village said to be haunted! Everything on the site is for sale Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group For 125,000 pounds or 145,000 euros.

For the record, in 1841 only 17 people were identified in this village. In 1891 this number was reduced to seven people. Then the village was completely abandoned in 1926. If this real estate opportunity interests you, know that it isn’t so “The Old Village of Lawyers” has no monolithic buildings to live in. The village is made up of ruins, including the “House of Lords”, which stands on the former home of the Lady of Lords, which still haunts the village.

John Lambert, Partner at Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group , “The Lady of Lawyers is remembered for her prophecies that apparently came true, and the things she said have come true to this day.”,

Thus, the Lady of Lords correctly predicted that the village church would be damaged by a typhoon or even a tornado. “Smoking Ship”, Long before steamboats were built, says John Lambert.

“It is a very special place, and while all the properties are unique in their own way, it is perhaps more unique than the others, Real estate agent said. Perthshire is one of the most, if not the most desirable, counties in Scotland”., Before closing: “Loch Tai is a beautiful part of the world, and if you’re lucky enough to catch some nice weather, it’s truly world class.”,

if you are interested in haunted villageKnow that you have to make decisions quickly. The agency has actually declared “to be inundated with requests and questions”,

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