Scotland: A monumental hotel shaped like a poop causes a scandal

Scotland: A monumental hotel shaped like a poop causes a scandal

In Edinburgh, a building the size of a giant stool is not unanimous.

Located in the heart of downtown Edinburgh, Scotland, the W Hotel is bustling. reason ? The building, which hasn’t opened yet, looks furiously like a stool, and more accurately like a “poo emoji.”

Nicknamed “The Golden Turd”, in other words, “Golden Turd”, the building would have a vast commercial space: “58,000 square meters of shops, restaurants, a cinema and luxury apartments, which rise above it.’ An underground car 1,600 “Park with Vacancies”, report Guardian.

However, the building is not unanimous. “This huge pile is a testament to the activism in favor of conservation, despite the measures taken by UNESCO to protect the World Heritage” [urbaine] And long conversations in the design phase, sometimes … make the situation worse”, ironically Guardian. The hotel was also voted “Worst Building of 2020” by the crappy Cheoppo Architecture Twitter account.

“It is a building that causes joy. It aims to celebrate Edinburgh as the capital of festivals, the architect,” says architect James Daly.

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