Scotland: Alex Salmond wants to find a new party

Scotland: Alex Salmond wants to find a new party

Just six weeks before the regional election on 6 May, agitation takes place in the political scene Scotland: Former Prime Minister Alex Salmond wants to run with a new party called Alba. For example, the Scottish National Party (SNP) aims to campaign for the country’s independence. Great britain To appoint.

Salmond ruled Scotland from 2007 to 2014, leaving the SNP in 2018 following allegations of sexual harassment. He was later acquitted by a court.

He then made serious allegations against his Scottish daughter, the current Scottish head of government. Nikola Sturgeon. Sturgeon also faced a no-confidence vote What he won.

The SNP boss is expecting an absolute majority in the regional election. He is going to force London Increase, but still allow a second referendum on the independence of Scotland. In a first referendum in 2014, 55 percent favored living in the United Kingdom.

Salmond said he did not want to enter direct competition with the SNP with his Alba party. They want to leave direct candidates. Instead, he hopes to get some members of the regional parliament in Edinburgh through regional lists. Both parties could later form a “super majority” for independence according to Salmond.

However, it is doubtful whether this calculation will work. Despite Salmond’s assurances, Alba could dispute the SNP’s votes.

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