Scotland, Celtic declared Glasgow champions? The Premisser hypothesis (and the skepticism of UEFA)

  Scotland, Celtic declared Glasgow champions?  The Premisser hypothesis (and the skepticism of UEFA)

Anarchy has spread across Scotland. It all started when the second, third and fourth division championships were announced after a club vote, decrying the top-ranked teams of their respective tournaments as the winner. According to the regulation, the choice empowers the Scottish Professional Football League to bring down the curtain on Scottish premiership, which gives Celtic the title to Glasgow, currently with 80 points after 30 games, +13 Glazo Rangers from arch rivals ( Is a low race), furious about all of this.

Former Lanthpool captain Steven Gerrard said, “The vote was a disaster, we need to open an investigation.” The Scottish Championship is made up of 12 teams and caters for the regular season with a round trip trip for a total of 33 matches. Then, based on the ranking, two groups of 6 are set to decree the title, European qualifiers and charges. There are five more games to play for a total of 38 matches. It is easy to understand how close Celtic are still to the final victory.

But the facts tell. After a long wait that had raised some doubts and some hypotheses of an exchange vote, On Wednesday 13 April, the vote of Dundee FC (Second Division Club) was broadcast, stating that they were in favor of early closure of the competitions. Rai proved decisive to pass the motion and the SPFL officially won the Championship Championship (with the victory and promotion of Dundee United), League One (win and promotion for Ryth Rovers) and League Two (win for Cena Rangers and Promotion) declared.

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Now it is time to decide on the fate of the Scottish top flight: “This is an unbearable situation”, Renowned Heart owner Ann Budge. Of course, Ufa gave permission to do all this. To recall the Belgian precedent that had announced that it had finished the season prematurely by handing the title to the Bruges. UEFA President Alexander Seferin first threatened the boycott of the Belgian clubs from the European Cup, then it seemed they came up with it. If so, nothing can stop Celtic from celebrating their 50th title.

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