Scotland flexes its muscles

Scotland flexes its muscles
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The Tories are celebrating the Labor debacle – but regionally, traditionalists have little to show for them.

Elections in the UK are notorious. The previous “Super Thursdays” with its regional and local elections, however, confirmed all of them: the ruling parties and individuals were strengthened.

Because pressure within the party is mounting on Labor leader Keir Starr, a conservative leader of particularly benefiting Boris Johnson in England. Both the left and the right accused him of weak leadership. Problematic for Johnson, who at least heads the “Conservative and Unionist Party” – hence its full title – is Scotland’s handling: there the National Party SNP celebrates its fourth consecutive electoral victory. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants to emphasize the latest through a new independence referendum in New Autumn 2023. Johnson must rule for his Tories.

In a telephone conversation, the Prime Minister congratulated Sturgeon on being re-elected and invited him to a conversation about Kovid’s consequences for the health system and the economy. He wanted to talk about “common challenges” and how “we can master them in the coming months and years”, he wrote the London head of government in letters of the same name to the Scottish woman, Welsh Labor Prime Minister Mark Drakeford Was, who was also clearly confirmed in office, and the two heads of government Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster and Michelle O’Neill.

“Of course” she would accept the invitation, immediately announced to Sturgeon. He had always given the name for the fight against Sar-Kov-2 and economic reform as his priority in the election campaign. A little later, however, he also referred to his mandate for a referendum to dissolve the Union with England. However, it needs a place in the lower house. Johnson should – as it is constantly assured – refuse, “It would conclusively prove that the United Kingdom is not a voluntary union of different countries,” Sturgeon argued.

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The SNP, however, can count on the support of the Scottish Greens. Everyone who is for independence has a combined 50.1 percent vote – and a majority of 72:57.

Johnson and his powerful cabinet secretary, Michael Gov, now seem to be using delay tactics. In any case, the two avoided repeating in the media a prime minister’s statement from the previous year: at the time, Johnson pointed to the 2040s as the earliest possible date for a second referendum.

Labor’s rank is currently thinking in the short term. Party leader Starr, who has held the post for more than a year, assumed “full responsibility” on Friday for sensitive election slips for the English local elections, as well as by-elections in the lower house in Hartlepul, northern England. The next day, however, he fired campaign manager Angela Rayner, making the vice president valuable and elected by partygoers, who were indirectly responsible for the poor results.

Due to which there was a storm of anger. Rainer, located in Manchester in the north of England, is considered eloquent and “real”. He is one of the Labor MPs who has extended his background from a younger background – a symbolic figure for those sections who are losing more and more to the old Workers’ Party. “Keer is done,” said an unnamed party insider, who has always been loyal to the past. Andrew Burnham, Manchester’s Labor mayor – re-elected with a two-thirds vote – made his protest public, contrary to his usual style: “I don’t support it,” he tweeted.

Like Burnham, his London and Liverpool party and official allies, Sadiq Khan and Steve Rotherm, were confirmed in office; The party was able to conquer the town hall in the west of England Bristol. Labor had to surrender control of Durham’s district government for the first time in 102 years following heavy poll losses to the Tories. The conservatives gained several town halls, including Harlow near London, Redditch, Dudley and Noonton in Midland. In order to maintain the possibility of victory in 2024, the opposition party will have to win the constituencies of this lower house. Of course, Labor will have to succeed again in Scotland, where once the dominant party is not number one.

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