Scotland: Glasgow, Msgr. Tartaglia. Bishops, “a warm pastor who mixes love and intelligence”. Congratulations from celtic football club

“It is with deep sorrow that we have learned today, a day dedicated to the death of our brother and friend Philippe Tartallia, Saint Mungo, the patron saint of Glasgow. His disappearance would be a great loss for his family, the clergy, the faithful people of Glasgow’s archaeologists and the whole church. With these words, in a statement, the Scottish bishop announced the sudden death of Archbishop Philippe Tartallia, who tested positive for Kovid shortly after Christmas and, since then, in self-isolation. The news opens Scottish newspaper sites and is also picked up by the BBC. In the same statement, the bishop recalled the archbishop as “a warm pastor who combined love and wisdom”, with 95 parachutes and 200,000 inhabitants as the head of the Scottish Catholic Church’s archery. “We will miss his wisdom, his wisdom and his very strong Catholic spirit”, the Scottish bishop writes. Born in Glasgow to Catholic parents, on January 11, 1951, the first of nine children, Philippe Tartalia was trained at the Scottish College and Rome’s Gregorian University on 30 June, returning to Scotland to become priest at Cardinal Thomas Winning Was. 1975. He then took over on 8 September 2012 as the eighth archbishop of Glasgow after the Italian Mario Conti. To pay tribute to him, with a tweet, the football team “Celtic Football Club” was also supported. Catholics, whom he has always admired.

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