Scotland: Glasgow residents prevent deportation – Politics

Scotland: Glasgow residents prevent deportation - Politics

At some point the car could not get through the bus. About 200 people got into the vehicle on Kenmurre Street in Glasgow. Like scottish newspaper Scotsman Reported, they shouted, “Leave our neighbors alone, let them go” and “Policemen, go home”. In the end, the protesters were successful: the Scottish police succeeded in suspending the planned deportation of two people.

When the men were released in the evening, the British Migration Agency’s vehicle was blocked by protesters for several hours. A man lay under the car to stop him from going. The British Border Guard wanted to take the two men into the vehicle.

Scotsman Quoting one of the two individuals, a 34-year-old Indian said, “I am shocked and overwhelmed by the support of the people of Glasgow.” When the officials started raiding in the morning, only a few people were present there. But the amount quickly multiplied.

Action photos and videos went viral on the Internet and were tagged with hashtags such as #KenMurstreet And #GlasgowSaysLetThemGo Celebrated. The deportation was particularly controversial because it was scheduled to take place on Eid Mubarak, the Islamic festival of breaking the fast.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and his Justice Minister Hamza Yousaf heavily criticized the action by the British Home Office. The British government’s “hostile atmosphere” is not welcome in Scotland, tweeted Joseph. The Scottish police, which eventually ordered the release of the two men, were not involved in deportation themselves. Officers were on duty to ensure public safety, Local police chief said.

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There has been a tense situation in London between the Scottish Government and the British Central Government for years. In a referendum in 2014, 55 percent of Scots voted to remain in the UK. However, since Brexit, the demand for Scottish independence has again intensified. Only last week, Prime Minister Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP) won regional elections. She advocates for a new independence referendum.


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