Scotland has nicknamed its Snowplav and it is hilarious.


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We are going to give you a complete, detailed list of every vehicle, but don’t worry, you will get some benefit.

Right now, a large cold snap is closing over Scotland, leaving snow-capped roads behind. It is for this reason that all these terrain vehicles are currently traveling across the 4 corners of the country to make roadways more idle.

Icing on the cake, it is possible to follow their tracks in real-time thanks to The site Established by the authorities. He really thought of everything.

And thanks to this, you’ll be able to notice that “Spread Mercury” is to the south of the country, while “Sledge Zepplin” takes care of the North West.

Finally, as promised, here is a small anthology of the funniest names assigned to it.

  • Gritney spears
  • Greatest hits
  • I want to break freeze
  • Luke Snowler
  • Greatest snowman
  • Iceberg go
  • Salt disney
  • Buzz Ice Clear
  • Lord Coldemort, you are always with a blizzard Harry

You will understand, our Scottish friends are full of imagination and humor. Some may be inspired by it.

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