Scotland plans to leave Britain and return to EU

Scotland plans to leave Britain and return to EU

Despite the agreement at the climax, Brexi Bringing huge results for the whole The uk, Who is now in danger of passing Constitutional crisis Like jeopardizing the unity of the nation.

On 1 January, the day Great Britain officially left the community block, the first minister Nikola Sturgeon In fact, he promised that Scotland would soon rejoin the European Union.

leader of Scottish National Party Told that if she manages to win a majority of parliament again in Edinburgh in May 2021, she is ready to call New referendum Per Scottish independence, With the main goal of returning to Europe.

Scotland plans to leave Britain and return to EU

Popular referendum was held Scotland In 2014, When No Two Leave UK beat Yes by around 10 points, with a final score of 55% to 45%. The positive result achieved by the opponents of independence brought thanks to new concessions for autonomy, promoted by the then British head of government Cameron.

However, the desire of Scottish citizens to change was a choice among leave And this live 2016. On this occasion the local population had expressed a clear preference to remain heavy in the European Union from 68% to 32%.

The result has therefore led to a clear distinction between Edinburgh and London, accented with the election of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, and now Sturgeon to formulate a resolution to re-embrace the European alliance is ready.

For the executive led by Johnson, however, the speech ended in 2014, recently declaring that it is not possible to resort to a new referendum on the matter.

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Search for a peaceful solution by Nikola Sturgeon

There are currently two models that can be followed: the Canadian one, or more precisely Quebec, And the Catalan one. Definitely less aggressive than the second with the first.

in Canada In the 1990s, there were several tensions between the central state and the French-speaking province. The final referendum, which ended with a gain of a few decimal places on the Union front, however led to the recognition of the state of the nation in 2006 Quebec, Aimed at postponing new elections that could have caused a rift that is difficult to fix.

In contrast, in Spain A heated skirmish ensued between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which left a deep impact Constitutional crisis.

In that case, Catalan’s request for independence led to a harsh response from former Prime Minister Rajoy, who, despite a clear victory of yes over 90%, had commissioned the region and called the vote illegal.

Sturgeon said to avoid the Spanish epilogue, she did not want to bring the fight to the same level, so A. Peaceful solution He can carry Scotland To separate from in a normal way The uk Be able to merge later In the European Union.


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