Scotland: Police misreported son’s death

Scotland: Police misreported son's death

A 19-year-old died in Crimond, Scotland, on Monday in a horrific car accident. However, the police incorrectly informed the family of the traveler who was still alive that their son had died.

In form of “BBC“Reported, 19-year-old Dylan Irwin and an 18-year-old passenger were involved in an accident on a motorway. Irwin was so badly injured that he died at the time of the crash. His passenger was seriously injured and still serious Is in condition.

“Misleading visuals, a witness with incorrect information”

However, due to some serious errors in the investigation, the local police informed the family of the person who was still alive that their son had died in the accident. Chief Commissioner Neil Lumsden told “BBC” that D. Police officer Will use any clue at the location of the accident to identify those who were involved as quickly and accurately as possible. The investigator also stated that he was confronted in the case with “a misleading scene in which, among other things, a witness was misinformed”.

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As soon as the mistake was noticed, it was rectified immediately and the families were talked to and the situation was clarified. “We apologized to the families for the inadvertent injury and will review the case,” Lumsden said. The family was very understanding.

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