Scotland – Rangers: Steven Gerrard, “Last Year Is Now History”

Steven Gerrard

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As his group resumed training, Steven Gerrard gave a lengthy interview to Rangers TV. The English manager took stock before starting his new season.

Liverpool legend, currently manager of Rangers, Steven Gerrard The club was interviewed in the media. Steven Gerrard puts aside the exploits of the previous season to make a better start to the new season. The British have already brought Nnamdi Ofoborah and Fashion Sakla. Since the Gers need staff to participate in the group stage of the Champions League. Steven Gerrard has revealed that other rogues could be added to his squad.

“The recruiters Ross (Wilson) and I worked really hard to identify the goals we wanted. The board and Ross know the players I want to back up to improve. Next season is going to give a great chance of success. We are very close to one piece. Hopefully in the next few days we will have an announcement for the fans. There will be no massive signing because the team is strong and good.” Steven Gerrard told Rangers TV.
Manager Steven Gerrard insisted their victorious 2020-2021 campaign will be remembered at Ibrox.

Rangers have not lost a game as they were 25 points ahead of Celtic last season. They have qualified for the Champions League starting in August. But now he only thinks about the resumption of the premiership which is starting from 31st July. “Last year is not over. Last year is forever a part of history. We made history and it will never go away. It will be there for the rest of its life. The players did very well. You don’t achieve something so big and It just goes away and people forget it. But we know very well that the language of 55 must stop now. We have to go to 56 and try to get there.”

“You are not changing the winning formula. You just try to add and modify it. Each player and staff member has analyzed and contemplated the course so far, it all depends on what happens in the future. I don’t see any point in going too far ahead of the next game. So the important thing now is getting through the next four or five weeks and pre-season friendships. The most important game in my mind is Livingston. There are Champions League qualifiers, but Livingston is the most important at the moment. “

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