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Scotland, sets up a kitchen and finds a whiskey with a message from the past

Scotland, sets up a kitchen and finds a whiskey with a message from the past

At first he did not know how to interpret that bottle. Whiskey, with a message from the past Found under an old tile while he was growing one Kitchen. But one thing is certain: for the installer Scotland It was a real “time bottle”.

Since we are talking about whiskey, “bottle” and “time” are words that already normally fit into the same sentence. But it was strange to find a bottle to literally “travel through time” twenty years, Behind a panel of tiles. What has happened Craig Harrigan, Who made the discovery with the intention of setting up a new kitchen.

Craig was removing the cabinets from the back kitchen when he found an old tile: to remove it, he found one written record Made with a marker and a bottle of whiskey next to it. Note read: “Jack and May lived here with three children and a dog. The kitchen was made between April and May 2001“. And then the invitation “from the past”: “I wish you the best. Drink with us

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Hence the author of the message from the past is no secret: it belonged to the previous owners of the house who kept the bottles Glenkinchie Under the furniture, it was left to the lucky bumblebee, who would find his treasure. Craig telephoned the homeowner, who admitted that it was most likely that there was a memory His mother and father, Presenting it by handwriting.

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The coworker who worked with Craig at the time told him “It was not too long ago“, But the same installer replied that when the whiskey was hidden in the tile, it was not even born. The installer thought the bottle at the time was a wonderful idea and now wishes to copy it to his home as well. “I have been in this business for five years and in the last few years I have come across many old works like kitchen and newspapers. Maybe someday I will do the same and someone will drink my memory.

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