Scotland still humiliates Italy, below 32nd position

Scotland still humiliates Italy, below 32nd position

For their last match of the 2021 Six Nations tournament, Italy suffered the 32nd consecutive defeat in this competition in Scotland (52–10). This new insult (the heaviest in history against Thistle’s XV) pushes Squadra Azura into twists and turns of infamy, with the 11th wooden spoon in its history, the sixth in a row.

There are no more matches, no more bets. Italy never stops falling. Since 28 February 2015, it has not won a single match in the Six Nations tournament. It was then defeated by Scotland (22–19) at the same Murrayfield Stadium. Even after six years, there has been no suspense between these two formations. Like all other Transalpins meetings this year.

At least forty points were collected in each meeting, the inability to stay at this level … How long ago when the Italians finished fourth in the tournament, their best result was achieved with two wins each time in 2007 and 2013 ( In Scotland and against Welsh in 2007, against France and Ireland in 2013) … This Saturday, Italy suffered the heaviest defeat in their history against Scotland. And it also breaks two records in the tournament: the number of tries (34 against 29 in 2016) and the number of points accepted (239 against 228 in 2000).

Scots, who remained Viewers on two narrow defeats in their empty lair (Against Wales 25–24 and Ireland 27–24) raised their heads to defeat the 2021 tournament record. In 28 minutes, he earned an offensive bonus against this poor team, after four tries.

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Ireland (43 minutes) is better than Wales (30 minutes) compared to France (49 minutes) or England (50 minutes). Even the Italian “tradition” of protesting for hours of play before breaking down seems a distant memory. However, he was cooled off by a victorious Transalpine maul on the small side by Luca Bigi (VI).

But under the Edinburgh sun, the response of Gregor Townsend’s men did not drag on with an attempt by Cherry (11th), followed by van der Merwe (14th) and Graham (21st), right after the yellow card to Federico Mori. Applied to shoulder weight (20th).

At 14 to 15, the differences were high. With almost every Scottish acceleration, even with a few mistakes, Italy were knocked out of the game.

South Africa coach Franco Smith, who has taken over this training since 2020, reduced his own to 14 in the second period, after being given a new yellow card over Sebastian Negri (52nd), for winger Monty Ioane Chased by another for a dangerous tack on Stuart Hogg, held back in the opening of this meeting (61st).

It is also time for the tournament to end for them, as after receiving no yellow cards in the first two matches (against France and England), Squadra Azurra went for two against Ireland. Then Welsh. Three yellow cards, three times reduced to 14, were offered by the Italians with a stick to beat.

Prior to the achievements of Scott Steele (53rd) and Sam Johnson (65th), David Cherry upped the score to allow Ising on the cake with a brace (44th) like van der Merwe (71st). Scotland thus suffered the heaviest defeat of the tournament to the Transalpines, and offered a good training gallop in view of the match against France on Friday 26 March at the Stade de France for the purpose of can-being on the podium. Italy must now heal its wounds and think of ways of rebirth.

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