Scotland takes a good point against the English

Scotland takes a good point against the English

It was the most anticipated match of all Scots, but it must have been a bit disappointing. The mistake of two well-established teams neutralizing each other during the meeting. Scotland could claim the win, however, as the visitors got their best two chances of the game, one per period.

The first half is fun to watch. England is present in the midfield but cannot draw conclusions.

In the first 20 minutes of the game, it takes a turn stone (Post), Mountains and foden Those who pass very close to the opening scoring.

Suddenly, Scotland pushes through and will have the best chance of this first half. Kieran Tierney hooker Reece James and center from the left. alone at a distant post, Stephen O’DonnellDon descends, but pickford Gets the ball out with a good tap. Despite having 62% possession of the ball for England, it was 0–0 at halftime.

There is one half left to change the score. And the British understood this very well, picking up their tone as soon as they returned to the pitch.

But again, it was the Scots who gave themselves another five-star opportunity in the 62nd. dike Attempts a volley from the left, but James Save yourself on the line.

The rest won’t change much. Both teams neutralize each other and fail to really worry about the two keepers. Scotland, well, opposes English quite well.

With this partnership, England are yet to validate their ticket to the Round of 16 and are second in the group with 4 points behind Czechia, who have 4 points but have a better goal difference. Croatia is in third place with one point, as is Scotland in fourth place.

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