Scotland, the new vision of the monster in Loch Ness

Scotland, the new vision of the monster in Loch Ness

In Loch Ness in Scotland, 2021 has already been seen three times in 2021 of “movements” on the stretch of water where people want to hide Skeleton, The monster “.

The first wave occurred on 11 January around 11.42. It was an observer, Kalynn Wangle, who saw a V-shaped mark on the left in front of the lakefront and less than ten seconds later, he saw something black on the surface that had then vanished into the depths. A video was posted on Youtube.

The second sighting that followed Nessie occurred at 2.20 pm on 19 January. One observer, Eoin O’Fagan, told of “something inexplicable” that appeared for 20 minutes, and was able to record it for about 3.5 minutes.

Also around January 22, 14.11, O’Fagan saw something else. This included “splashing 2 objects in the bay at a distance of about 30 meters”, one of which was followed by throwing itself over the seabed and then rising up and to the left.

A lock is active on Ness Lake webcam this is The site Collects all the reports that users make with the hope of informing the legendary Nessie.

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