Scotland to lift most restrictions

Scotland to lift most restrictions

Edited by Anas Cordoba, Thibault Nadala

Due to a significant drop in the number of new cases of contamination, Scotland has announced that from 24 January many health restrictions will be relaxed, such as the reopening of nightclubs. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon expressed her “new optimism” in Parliament.

From next Monday, almost all Sanctions
Will be raised in Scotland. nicola sturgeon
The good news was announced in the Scottish Parliament yesterday.

The number of infected people remains high, but new infections have been decreasing for two weeks. “We have crossed the milestone la obscure omicron
“The booster doses are combined with the goodwill of Scots who have adapted their behavior to help slow transmission and the restrictions introduced in December,” First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced in Scottish Parliament yesterday. All this had an effect on the wave omicron

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From Monday, Scots will be able to go to nightclubs again, no longer have to practice social distancing and will be able to meet more than three people per family. Despite the optimism displayed, Nicola Sturgeon called on Scots to be careful. Masks will remain mandatory in indoor public places and telework will be recommended when possible.

England will also ease its restrictions

For his part, the British health minister, Sajid David, announced his intention yesterday England to ease restrictions
from next week. For four days, the number of new infections in the United Kingdom has been around 100,000, after reaching more than 200,000 in early January.

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