Scotland to vote with the dream of independence

Scotland to vote with the dream of independence

AGI – Scott will vote for the election of 129 members of parliament next Thursday, HolyroadBrexit after the reunification of the institution in 1999 and in the first vote after the sixth. Electoral appointment is considered a test and at the same time an opportunity for those political forces in favor of independence from London and the ‘remain’ European Union. Finally, in 2016, 62% of Scots in the referendum elected to remain in the European Union.

If these structures were to win a decisive victory and form a solid majority, Scotland could move towards a divorce from London and a return to the European Union, through a Second referendum. In recent times, an appeal to Brussels has been launched by 170 European intellectuals.

Force in game

Is a big favorite Scottish National Party Head of office Nikola Sturgeon, But it is unclear the extent of his victory that could lead him to form an absolute majority or coalition government and, in the worst case, a minority government. The two most serious rivals are conservative Party operated by Douglas Ross And this labour party Of Anas Sarwar. Even in a state of strength Scottish Liberal Democrats the director Willie rainey EI Scottish greens Of Patrick harvey I Lorna SlaterAt 13% in the latest poll.

Smaller parties in all 25 may be in balance in these elections, some of which have already achieved some success in the past. The number of applications is unique, To the point that some regional lists, which have at least 15 different options, are contained in very long ballot papers.

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Who can represent a real surprise at Scottish political chessboard Independence party alba By the former Prime Minister of Scotland and the former leader of the SNP, Alex salmond11% voting intentions in regional lists with the ambition to create a ‘super majority’ of MPs in favor of independence from London and at the helm of the newly recognized formation for hunting.

The rapid rise of Alba pointed out that Prime Minister Sturgeon did not have total control of the debate on the independence side, so in the election campaign he was forced to address issues such as borders, currency, the European Union, which he preferred to postpone. Did for a future referendum campaign. Salmond insisted on immediate negotiations with London, for an ambitious economic reform program, and a strong commitment to women’s rights, in the event of a clear victory for the separatists.

News on unionist front

According to a recent panelbase poll, even though the SNP may not have won an absolute majority, it is likely that a pro-independence majority will be achieved thanks to the votes in Alba. Also the first time in dispute Reform Britain – Pre-Brexit Party, Eurosceptic, Sovereign and Populist born in 2019 – directed by Scotland Michelle Balentine, Now aiming at simplification and tax relief to revive Scotland’s growth and productivity. Reform UK clearly opposes independence, claiming a second referendum, new lockdowns, vaccinated passports and greater powers for local government.

Between small political forces, a definite consensus allows the group to leave. For all unity Pre labor George galloway, A staunch supporter of the union with London, to fight the “crisis of separatism”, embodied in his opinion by the SNP. Galloway aspires to enter a government of national unity with conservative, Labor and liberal Democrats.

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Fragmentation hazard

Two other parties have candidates in 8 constituencies: Lo Scottish Libertarian Party I Scrapped the Scottish Parliament Party. Scottish Family Party, conservative, neutral on independence and Brexit in electoral competition; UkipFully opposed to independence from London and in favor of the abolition of the Scottish Parliament; Are you there Independence alliance, The anti-lockdown party was born to properly address health restrictions in response to the epidemic and neutrality over independence.

Then there are the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, Scottish Renew, Social Democratic Party, Women’s Equality Party, Independent Green Voice, Restore Scotland (4 candidates), Communist Party of Britain, Scotia Future, Animal Welfare Party, Liberal Party, Reclaim Party. Mohra and 25 other independent candidates. In addition to promoting the pro-independence cause on the one hand or the pro-London cause on the other, all of these formats will risk splitting votes, giving seats to larger parties and leading to the formation of a rainbow parliament that is complex. There will be a governance system of Scotland.

Poll unknown

As voter turnout for Holyrod, which has averaged 53% since 1999, is at risk of being affected by the current epidemic context. Traditionally in scotland Older voters tend to be the highest voters, So they can be prevented from participating. Or rather, instead of going to the polls in person, many signed on to vote by mail, reaching a record number.

According to the electoral system in Scotland, the political group that receives the largest number of parliaments, out of a total of 129, governs. In determining the structure of Parliament, an additional member system is used in Scotland for the purpose of guaranteeing proportional representation. For each region. The Parliament is capable of some powers in matters of health, education, transportation as well as fiscal and social policy.

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