Scotland / Train Accident: Three confirmed fatalities – cause is now known

Scotland / Train Accident: Three confirmed fatalities - cause is now known

Large scale operation after a bad accident in Scotland: The train derailed in Stonehaven. The police have now confirmed three fatal assaults.

  • A serious train accident occurred in the north-east of Scotland.
  • A train derailed and large-scale operations began.
  • Police confirmed that three people were killed in the evening.

Update, 6:35 pm: Meanwhile de police three dangerous result Approved. Under Kill the The platoon is also the leader. “Despite the paramedics’ efforts, we unfortunately have to confirm that three people were declared dead at the time of the accident,” police. Six other people were injured in the accident and are currently being treated. Injuries should not be serious.

Otherwise it is still known that Jug Was en route from Aberdeen to Glasgow and was scheduled at 9:40 am local time. There was violent thunderstorms and torrential rain on Wednesday night in the east and center of Scotland. Photographs from local authorities revealed that the small town of Stonehaven has been severely flooded.

Like bbc Baan-Kirkle wants to learn Platoon leader Landslides have forced them to stop. He is said to have asked the control center for permission. After the trip to Glasgow can be continued through other, free tracks Jug Reportedly from another Landslide Surprised, after which he derailed.

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Update, 2:47 pm.: Large scale operation in Stonehaven in Scotland Continues – and more and more information is reaching the public. The reason for the derailment of the passenger train was probably due to the recent severe storm in the region (View first report) leading to Landslide have led.

According to information from the British news agency P.A., it fell Automotive with three of its four wagons Down an embankment. it must be Injured many people Having more Two people died Ho. Hours before the accident, rail operator “Scodderle” warned of flooding in Aberdeenshire.

Scotland: Severe train accident in the northeast of the country – Prime Minister Boris Johnson expresses himself emotionally

Update, 2:23 pm: The train derailed in a small valley. There is currently Strong Smoke Development to follow. 30 emergency vehicles Probably meanwhile are on site. Including one Medical helicopter.

British message Mirror about At least one fatal Not yet confirmed by other UK media. The Scottish Government now has one Emergency briefing on train accident in Stonehaven organised.

According to the Secretary of the UK Government Transport, RT Hon Grant Shaps, Provide any support. In addition, he is already addressing affected people .. “My thoughts go with those people and their families,” he adds to his message.

Too Prime Minister Boris Johnson The express itself takes a stand. “I am shocked to know of the very serious incident in Aberdeenshire“He writes on Twitter,”My thoughts are with all concerned. I thank the helpers who are at the time of the accident.

An accident occurred on Monday morning in Herbertingen in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. Truck collided with train – many people injured

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Terrible train accident in Scotland: train derailed – apparently at least one fatal incident

First report August 12, 1:45 pm

Stonhaven – In Terrible train crash It happened today, Wednesday (12 August) in Scotland at 9.45 am (10.45 am local time). near Stonhaven In Aberdeenshire Accident. Again Mirror It is reported that there is at least one fatal incident. A major operation is underway. Many paramedics and fire fighters are on duty.

Terrible train accident: massive operation underway – probably at least one fatal incident

On Twitter Expressed myself Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon – She speaks of an “extremely serious accident”. Your thoughts are with the affected people.

Area in Train accident Happened, from present severe flooding Affected. There was torrential rain in the trigger North east scotland. Apparently, the storm also disrupted the rail network.

There was a serious train accident in the Czech Republic in July. A German and a Czech were killed and 25 people were injured.

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