Scotland wants independence from the United Kingdom and Queen Elizabeth II is “heartbreaking”

Elisabetta II, che ha «il cuore spezzato» per la nuova ondata indipendentista della Scozia

2020 for queen Elizabeth II It was an annuity Dose horrorIs disturbed, apart from many unpleasant incidents, besidesHarry and Meghan farewell to the royal familySon fall Andrew of York, Rapidly embroiled in Epstein scandal. 2021, For the fourteen-year-old Prabhu, it started no better. there Scotland a Referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. And sovereign “Heart is broken”. Real expert is convinced Ingrid Sewer, Who states: “The Queen does not want Scotland to become independent at all, but It will not interfere in political debate“. Since I royal They have been neutral for generations: Do not vote and do not express political preferences. For Elizabeth II, during her 68-year reign, maintaining her impartiality was a priority.

However, His Majesty is “very much attached to Scotland”: there he is, In the beloved palace of Balmoral, For decades Spends summer vacation. And his Scottish estate has sovereign days “the most happy”, As the granddaughter pointed out York company. Rights in Balmoral 2014, Waited for His Majesty’s results First referendum for independence of Scotland. Prior to the consultation, the main British political parties had repeatedly asked the queen to raise her voice in favor of maintaining the union. Buckingham Palace’s answer was dry and definite: “Rani is above politics and there will be no statement“. But when the consultation ended with a ‘no’ victory, the queen did not hide her relief: “I have no doubt that the Scots are capable of expressing their convictions, and then Get together again, with a sense of support and mutual respect»

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