Scotland will be the first country to guarantee free sanitary pads

Scotland will be the first country to guarantee free sanitary pads

Scottish Parliament on Tuesday has approved Unanimously so-called “Term Products (Free Provisions) Bill“, The first law provision in the world that provides free access to sanitary pads. With this provision, local authorities will have the obligation to provide free sanitary pads or products for the menstrual cycle “to anyone who needs them”.

The bill was launched by MP Monica Lennon to counter the so-called MP.Term poverty“: In fact, it was calculated that women could spend 8 pounds (about 9 euros) per month on sanitary pads and bicycle products, and people on low incomes often could not afford them. This measure of menstruation There is also an aim to combat stigma: According to a survey conducted among young Scottish women, 71 per cent of girls between the ages of 14 and 21 are embarrassed to buy a bicycle product and half of them have left school monthly. Reasons related to religion.

The Scottish Government already gave free sanitary pads to schools and universities. It has now made a total allocation of £ 9.2 million (approximately 10.3 million euros) to sports clubs, by local authorities and also through donations. Each of Scotland’s 32 administrative divisions will be able to choose how the law is to be enforced, but sanitary pads or options must be made available to all women in a “reasonably easy” and “reasonable discretion” manner that requests them Huh.

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