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Scotland: Woman (72) falls – postman is too tired to help the elderly

Scotland: Woman (72) falls - postman is too tired to help the elderly

Woman’s niece is furious online

The response of this postman raises a doubt among the people. A 72-year-old woman in Falkirk, Scotland slipped and fell on her door. The Scottish woman injured her head and could no longer stand on her own. A postman happened to pass by. But instead of helping the needy, he just went away. His incredible excuse: He was too tired to help her. The woman’s niece cannot believe what has happened. We show the scene in the video.

Niece: “I was shocked and disappointed”

72-year-old Patricia Stewart lay in 22 degrees of snow for several minutes and could not move without help. His head was injured by a fall. When she saw the postman, the elderly woman was relieved at first, as she hoped the man would help her. But he was very wrong. The British Royal Mail postman boldly said, “I can’t help you, friend. I’ve been working since this morning in this season since X.” He was too tired to help her, he muted himself and just walked away.

The unreliable action was recorded by a camera installed at the entrance to the neighbor’s house. Stewart’s niece Sheryl Harkins watched the video and posted it on Facebook. In the British “The Sun” she said: “I was shocked and disappointed. I’ve been taking care of my aunt since September.” She just cannot understand how a man can walk right now. “If I hadn’t seen the video, I wouldn’t have believed it,” the 36-year-old says.

“It was very humiliating for him”

Finally, a parcel supplier from the delivery company Hermes arrived and informed a neighbor. He helped Stewart after being in the snow for over 20 minutes in the cold. “It was very humiliating for him,” says Sheryl. He then complained to the Royal Mail about the negligent employee.

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As the niece says, shortly after, a postal service worker visited the 72-year-old and brought her a box of chocolates. But he did not say what happened to the postman. According to “The Sun”, the man apologized for his accomplice’s behavior. He states that it is not representative of the British Royal Mail. Internal investigation of the case will also be started.


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