Scots suffered heavy defeats in six U20 leagues

Scots suffered heavy defeats in six U20 leagues

It was a victory for both the style and essence of Italy: the extent of the devastation to the future brilliance of Scottish rugby cannot be overstated.

It cannot be sweetened by judging it in terms of development, or explained by the lack of corresponding movement. It was appalling in almost every way, passing the previous worst advantage of 20 points to a six-nation defeat to Italy U-20.

Italy are better than the Big Six at this stage, but they have yet to win the tournament and were expected to be an opportunity for the Scots.

Although there were encouraging areas in the defeats of Ireland and England, parts of the game were going well for a while, with nothing to hold on to.

The team that was offered the podium against Ireland was chosen by the Italians of their own accord. He also stole 6’9 high pitches from Scottish captain Alex Samuels.

The struggle, which was strong against England, was even worse as the Italians took countless innings.

Poor drunk, poor maneuvering, direct contact kick, a poor restart: it was a long list of problems for Scotland.

Italian Simon Gizzi arrested by Elliot Gourley, Scotland

“To be honest, it was very embarrassing, we were not playing for Scotland. We then talked about respecting the thorns on our chests”, admitted Captain Alex Samuels.

Coach Sean Lenin said: “We’ve been poor, very poor. We didn’t expect it. Italy were good, they won the contact fight, but we didn’t win our line and we didn’t throw a shot into the attack”.

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“It was really a poor performance in all respects, which is very disappointing. They are a bunch of people trying to find their game, so everyone has to work hard”.

But surprisingly it was deeper than that. When they attacked, Scotland was balanced, predictable and almost waiting to lose the ball.

Italy played with enthusiasm and spirit of discovery. The first attempt began just five minutes after their practice series and was brilliantly finished by right fielder Flavio Pio Vaccari, fielding him with a touch of class.

He scored from long and short range, live and wide, and there was no area in the game where he was not better.

So something to try and find, something positive about Scotland. Scrum Half Murray Redpath was a lone character trying to stir up something in the first half. He clearly had a rocket in the gap and came out with determination, though it was weakened by regular loss of possession.

The best Scottish press came after 80 minutes. It may end with the loss of the ball rather than a consolation result.

Scotland are having a difficult day regrouping before fighting France, a team that has never been undefeated at Under-20 level, and then hosting Wales. At least it can’t get worse, can it?

Italian Manfredi Albanese makes an effort

Marker: Italy: Tres – Vacari, Foil, Nicolai, Andriani, Albanian, Spanish. Cons – Marina (2). Pen – marine (2), tangy.

Scotland Under-20s: Penn – Scott.

Scotland: E. Gourley (A. Clayton 68); A Scott, T Glendining (M Gray 40), S King (C Townsend 40), F Callaghan; C. Scott, M. Redpath; C Lamberton (M Jones 40), J Drummond (P Harrison 47), G Breeze (O Frostick 58), M Williamson (, E Ferry 58), A Samuel (Captain), A Sweeton, O Leatherbarrow (R Tait 58), B Monaco.

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Italy: L. Pani, FP Vaikari, T. Menoncello, F. Drago (A Fusari 66), S. Gacy; El Marin en Teneghi 66), M Albanese; M Spagnolo (El Rizzoli 20–33, 62), T di Bartolomeo (M Baldelli 17–23), I Neculai (M Hasa 56), G Ferrari (F Boschetti 56), N Pientella a Angelone 69), El Andrini (c ) Vincent, El Cannon (S. Cenedes 62).

Rule: Toule Trinini (France)


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