Scottish pride stops an Englander who doesn’t know how to sting

Scottish pride stops an Englander who doesn't know how to sting

The heart of Scotland breaks the race of England: the courage of the blues cools the dreams of Harry Kane and his teammates. Now the Whites must beat the Czech Republic in the play-off at the top of the group to win the group and continue to play this European at Wembley, as the Scots uncover the difficulties of this England, never really dangerous. Not there. And surprised to see some actually run the risk too high.

Wembley prepares a very British evening for the mother of all sports: the English and Scots on the pitch for the oldest challenge in world football, which has been repeated since November ’72, which is understood as the nineteenth century. A challenge from 114 precedents, as until the eighties it was played every year in the legendary Interbritanico tournament. The derby (England 4th, Scotland 44th) between the two teams away in the rankings, but closely linked to the centuries-old rivalry, united and divided the two peoples of the British Isles. The derby kept alive the hearts of the Highlanders, who start with their heads held high, as people would like with bagpipes dropped on London, a generous start against the Czech Republic, even though the first match was played against Steve Clark’s team. To end badly, Coach Scottish.

England are Sparagnina, as we have already seen against Croatia, they have a lot of potential, but they bite very little in the calculations. One goal in the opening match, one post in the first half (11′, Stones Head), so, despite possession of the ball clearly in the hands of the hosts, the opportunities are balanced, as Scotland are also close to scoring. A brilliant volley from O’Donnell (29′) was saved by Pickford. For the rest we see a little England: Foden tries to spice it up a bit, but Sterling is not seen and Kane is only seen for a header in the offside diving. On the other hand, however, despite their limitations, Scotland closes well in defense and when it can try to corner England with Tierney and Adams in the corner a couple of times.

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Normal script in the second half: England command but Scotland have their most sensational chance in the 61st minute, with a header from Dykes being thwarted over the line by James. Robertson and his teammates sell their lives expensive in this derby: it’s like watching Toro against Juve, Everton against Liverpool, Espanyol against Barcelona. Southgate tries them all, sacrificing Foden and even Captain Kane, absolutely out of phase: Grealish and Rashford inside, but it changes little. Sterling also tries to take the penalty, but nothing happens. England draw, Scotland won their derby.


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