Scottish prime minister promises referendum ‘when the time comes’

Scottish prime minister promises referendum 'when the time comes'

Scottish prime minister and leader of the SNP independence party, Nicola Sturgeon, promised Scots on Friday that there would be a new self-determination referendum “when the time comes” if her party wins local elections.

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Although there is “still some way” before the expected full results are announced on Saturday, Nicola Sturgeon said she is “extremely confident that we are on the right track in the SNP for a fourth consecutive election victory”, the poll conducted on Thursday.

The leader, who was speaking in Glasgow after announcing her comfortable election in her constituency (60.2 percent of the vote), feels her party is “on the right track to have the privilege of forming a government again”: “If this is indeed the result of this election, I swear today that I will immediately get back to work, revive this country post-COVID, and when the time comes to give this country a better future option”.

In case of victory in this election, the Scottish Prime Minister intends to pressure the British government to authorize a new self-determination referendum.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson strongly opposed a new referendum, arguing that such a consultation could only happen “once in a generation”. In the 2014 referendum, 55% of voters voted to remain in the UK. But separatists argue that Brexit, which was opposed by 62% of Scots, was a game-changer.

Nicoa Sturgeon wants Scotland to gain independence and then asks to join the European Union.


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