Serge Flavors: Anonymous, blended malt and two blends – all from Scotland

Serge Flavors: Anonymous, blended malt and two blends - all from Scotland

today once again we find whiskey fun a pan of colored things from Scotland, dated Secret Speyside above regional blended malt until blends, There are eight bottles of Serge tasting, and with the exception of one special edition the Lowlands blended malt ends up in a port wine cask—not exactly Serge’s picking scheme, to ditch an old word and give it a few moments of sunshine. There are excellent reviews to allow.

here is our table Tasting,

Epicurean Ruby Port Cask (48%, Douglas Lang, Lowland Blended Malt, 684 bottles, 2021) 76
Coig Deicheadan 17 yo (46.5%, Chorlton Whiskey, Blended Scotch, Sherry Butt, 211 Bottles, 2019) 86
Secret Speyside Distillery # 19 yo 2007/2016 (51.7%, The Boutique-y Whiskey Company, Sherry, 1220 bottles) 88
Secret Speyside #2 25yo (51.6%, The Boutique-y Whiskey Company, Sherry, 2415 Bottles, 2018) 89
Blended Malt 7 yo 2013/2021 ‘Ukraine Bottling’ (65.6%, North Star Spirits, Butt, bottled specifically for the people of Ukraine, 500 bottles, 2022) 88
Speyside Malt 14 yo 2005/2019 (50.4%, Maltburn, Sherry, 175 bottles) 84
Speyside Area 26 yo 1995/2021 (51.9%, Maltburn, Sherry, 140 bottles) 87
Royal Salute 38 yo ‘stone of fortune’ (40%, OB, Blended Scotch, 2008) 91

And just a nice picture from Scotland as a cover picture

Loch Lomond and the Sunset in the Trossachs National Park by Michal Clajban – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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