‘Special’ gift from Scotland, Robertson to teammates and staff for Europeans

'Special' gift from Scotland, Robertson to fellows and staff for Europeans

The Liverpool defender wanted to pay tribute to Scottish teammates and managers with a personalized gift pack containing tech gadgets and drinks, apparently not all non-alcoholic, to celebrate Scotland’s return to international tournaments after 23 years.

England-Scotland Live

An individual box with technical equipment, a bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskey, a special edition bottle of Irn-Brew (a Scottish soft drink, sometimes advertised as “the other national drink of Scotland”) and Scottish-themed cans from Tennants and Brewdog, two well-known Scottish beer brands. it’s special gift, certainly very Scottish, Che Andy Robertson He thought for his teammates, The Liverpool defender wanted to celebrate 23 years of waiting for his national team for an international tournament by honoring each of his teammates with nearly a box. 900 pounds,

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There is also a special way of wishing good luck, as bottles of Irn-Bru, a very famous non-alcoholic carbonated drink in Scotland, have the words on the label “you have success“, signed by the captain of Steve Clark’s team. Robertson, however, wanted to pay tribute not only to his teammates but to all the staff, setting aside the choice of gifts. In fact, few have received one. Apple Watch, other wireless headsets and a customized version of the FIFA21 video game, on the cover of which the Scottish team was depicted.

“Gifts That Pay Tribute to the Team’s Roots”

The gift pack was set up by a football agency, who commented: “Scottish captain Andy Robertson surprised everyone with a unique gift box ahead of the team’s first game. Celebrating Scotland’s 23-year wait for the tournament.” For. The international has created a series of gifts paying homage to the roots of the team”. A gesture that was apparently greeted with joy by the team that will take the field June 14 for the Euro 2020 debut match against czech republic,

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