Students help alumni with special lessons on Armistice Day

Pupils perform We Remember

The school’s students have noted a special performance on the occasion of Armistice Day for a group of North-East veterans.

The youngsters of the International School of Fine Arts (ISA) have made a single promise in the last few weeks called V-Reminder.

His performance will be shared online with the school community this morning in a special live recording.

A program dedicated to music, songs and poetry has been held in the school’s purpose-built theater every year for the past 12 years, but the Covid-19 has been unable to hold its general format this year due to restrictions, prompting questions about the performance. Can be digitally recorded.

ISA elementary school lyricists and middle and high school jazz band students are participating in the commemoration as well as a group of drama students, who are reciting poetry in view of the occasion.

ISA Fine Arts Coordinator Kent Verter said, “What you expect is a very moving compliment and I am very proud of each and every one of our students who participated in each of these deserving students to pay tribute to me. For our veterans.

“As a school community, we will always remember the playwrights with the promise; But the message is the same and we are committed to honoring our fallen heroes.

“Each of our students has such a meaningful impact on the lives of those who bring this praise and our veterans and their service to this nation.”

International provided by the International School
Some of the footage from the recording features veterans marking the memorial at the Bunch War Memorial.

Held in association with Legion Scotland’s Ber Bardin, Banff and Kincardin area branches, the promise will be broadcast along with footage of a recent ceremony held at the Banchori War Memorial.

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A small group of veterans gathered socially to celebrate the Memorial Day celebrations of the distance, during which mon formal ceremonies, including lowering the flag and a two-minute silence, followed the final post.

The poppy was wearing a special poppy garland when the lantern was played on the bagpipes to close the ceremony.

DVD recordings of ISA’s Armistice Day reset are being made specifically for local giants.

“Despite these challenges, we are very grateful to the students and staff of the International School of Fine Barin for their hard work, despite the challenges,” said Matt Fife, field coordinator for the British Legion Berdin, BFNF and Kincardin.

“We are delighted to be able to still play a part in the praise on such an important day for our veterans.

“Students are very smart and the quality of their work is amazing every year. I look forward to seeing what they have achieved this year. ”


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