Students of the Gymnasium Adolphinum in the seminar on the street in Europe

Students of the Gymnasium Adolphinum in the seminar on the street in Europe

How to Safe: With drivers Ina Seidl and Jan-Uwe Japke from Ireland.

They are on the road again – and now they are back safely: many of Adolphinum Bückeberg’s students are on the road in Europe as part of their specialist seminar courses. Whether in Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy or Berlin, there was much to discover and learn everywhere.

Buckberg. Florence on the Elbe? That was the last school year. Then we went to Dresden. Now, however, Nicole Butcher takes the opportunity to head to a destination in another European country with her specialist seminar course. So Italy, so Tuscany, so much Florence. Marcus Berkenstreiter was there again. The course is all about Italy’s cultural history – in other words, endless ingredients and daily destinations at their finest, not to mention culinary delights.

Gabrielle Hundrisser’s course deals with the topic of “witches”. The journey with Christian Herde went by bus and ship to Scotland. One of the surprises was the sudden appearance of a steam train on the “Harry Potter Bridge”. Peter Manioccha’s group, along with Suzanne Roper, found themselves in the Lascaux Caves in southern France to find the very earliest traces of human hands on the wall. The quarters were in Bordeaux.

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