Szabozlai’s Hungary, Slovakia and Scotland qualify for Euro 2020

Szabozlai's Hungary, Slovakia and Scotland qualify for Euro 2020

After Macedonia, she They beat Georgia 1-0, Hungary won the other playoff games and qualified for Euro 2020, led by Szoboszlai, Slovakia, who took extra time Northern Ireland is closed, And Scotland who beat Serbia 6-5 after a penalty.

Szoboszlai’s super goal brings Hungary to the European Championship

Without Marco Rossi on the bench, as he is positive on Kovid, Hungary wins their second consecutive qualification for the European Championship and in an incredible way against Iceland Scoring between 88 ‘and 92’ Two goals that reverse the result, taking it from 0–1 to 2–1. The Maggars celebrated with a stunning goal by Salzburg player Szabozlai, who recaptured the ball in his own part in the 92nd minute, crossing the field and leaving a powerful and all too accurate conclusion from the edge of the penalty area is.

Skriniar’s own goal, but Slovakia wins in Ireland

After defeating Ireland in the semi-finals, Slovakia also eliminated Northern Ireland and qualified for the European Championship for the second time in a row. Achieved a good milestone in a painful way as the team led by Captain Humsik needed extra time to win in Belfast. Two ‘Italians’ are regular-time heroes: Kukka who scores a superb goal at 18 and Skirinar, Inter Defender, who He scored an unfortunate goal at 88 ‘. Skriniar is in despair as he knows he has damaged his team, but did not condemn because with Duris’ goal in Slovakia in the second extra period.

Scotland ends Serbia on penalty

Super favorite Serbia did not think they would make Scotland so strong and played by coach Clarke. Scottish He took the lead with Ryan Christie in the second half And they stayed ahead for half an hour until 0 and0 till Djokov pulled his head. You go on extra time, nothing changes. Punishment hit. Everyone scores, except for Michrovich who has neutralized his shot to Marshall. Serbia at home. Scotland which will also challenge England in a British Super Derby at Wembley.

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