The British woman, 86, who lost her husband to covid, is the first in the world to be vaccinated

 The British woman, 86, who lost her husband to covid, is the first in the world to be vaccinated
Gil Rogers said he had “no doubts” about the safety of the vaccine. – Reuters picture

LONDON, Dec – April – An 86-year-old British woman who lost her husband to Covid-1 to in April is the first person in the world to be vaccinated against the virus today, Pfizer / Bioentech, and is waiting to move on. . Buy and take the bus again.

Gil Rogers last saw her husband in mid-March at the care home where he lived. Then the epidemic struck, she could no longer visit him, and in late April he died.

“The death certificate showed a lot of things but it also showed Covid-119,” Rogers said in a BBC radio interview before she had to be vaccinated.

She was alone in grief, as her children and other relatives were avoiding contact with her for fear of exposure to the virus.

“It’s been quite difficult,” she said, her voice breaking.

Rogers, who lives near Brighton in the south of England, said she spent most of the year on her own, avoiding shops as much as possible and avoiding public transport altogether.

She said she immediately said yes when her phone rang over the weekend while offering her fur early in the week to get vaccinated today, the first day of her national rollout in Britain.

He said, ‘I don’t care much, I don’t worry so much, I’ll go to more shops and luckily I can get on public transport,’ he said.

Asked if she had any doubts about the safety of the vaccine, she replied: “No. Nothing.”

She said she knew there were people who had concerns, and she contacted the BBC because she thought talking about her situation would help dispel those doubts.

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“That’s why I approached you, because I think there may be people who will help keep it, who wouldn’t have it.” – Reuters


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