The day before his inauguration, Trump could be flown to Scotland by an army plane

The day before his inauguration, Trump could be flown to Scotland by an army plane


05.01.2021 – 15:34

January 20 to spend at one of his golf resorts. And the question also comes up in the Scottish Parliament

EDINBURGH – A US Army aircraft, commonly used by Donald Trump for his trip, will travel to Prestwick Airport, Scotland, on January 19 at the presidential golf resort, Turnbury.

This indiscretion published by the Sunday Post may mean Trump does not attend the inauguration of Joe Biden on 20 January.

If confirmed, it is somewhat contrary to the silent exit schemeBelligerent attitude these days By the current president.

Officially, according to his entourage, Trump is yet to decide what to do on January 20. There are those who think that it may organize an alternative program to divert attention from the establishment of a new White House tenant.

However, if this “escape” was to be confirmed – Business Insider writes – various problems related to succession could arise for cases that require attendance.

Among these is also the change of hands of the so-called “nuclear football”, which briefcase allows the US president to carry out a nuclear attack, wherever it may be.

On possible arrival, even an interconnection in Parliament

However, Trump’s desire may collide with the reality of the epidemic in Britain, which is still very serious.

The issue was questioned in Parliament, with Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon replying: “To enter Scotland you have to show that you are in urgent need, I would not say that playing golf is an urgent need”.

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