The Houston Rockets have time for the San Antonio Spurs

The Houston Rockets have time for the San Antonio Spurs

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It’s the ultimate game of bias for your San Antonio Spurs, and it’s once again, as the Spurs face the same team they saw in the same city two days ago. Hopefully, we’ll get something different than tonight’s game messy mess, as the Spurs bench crowd outscored the Rockets Reserve in the final quarter and lost 112-98. But that’s the bias, and the final score doesn’t matter, so the biggest thing to watch is that with the improvement of Dijont Murray and Taylills, the constant solid play of Spurs Rookies Devin Vassel and Trey Jones. Veterans DeMar DeRozen, Rudy Gay and Lamarx Eldridge have not much to prove tonight, but Greg Popovich will play them extended minutes just for that. Lonnie Waker likes to play against the Fourth Rockets, so expect a big game from him tonight.

One last word:

Go Spurs GuioUOO !!

San Antonio spurs On Houston Rockets
December 17, 2020 | 7:00 p.m.
Streaming: NBA League pass
TV: CW35
Radio: WOAI

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