The ruins of a ‘haunted’ Scottish village are for sale

The ruins of a 'haunted' Scottish village are for sale

Village Alert for sale. Offer relayed by us CNBC Belongs to a small Scottish village, “the old village of Lors”. The latter is situated on the banks of Loch Tai, a freshwater stream located in the counties of Perth and Kinross in the Scottish Highlands. But the specialty of this sold village is that it is considered to be haunted.

Listed for sale by Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group, it is essentially defined by its ruins. Because according to our friends, no one has lived in this village since the beginning of the 20th century. The most famous houses in the village include: The House of Lawyers. A woman lived in “The Lady of Lords”, but none since. She lived there in the 1600s. She was known for her predictions of all kinds, such as the fire engines crossing the Drumochter Pass, which were to foretell the arrival of the railroad.

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fishing rights

But above all, one of the most disturbing prophecies of this “Lady of Lords” pertains to a ship. Later, fueled by smoke, Loch is said to have sank in the Tai, causing great loss of life. If no trace of this human catastrophe has been found, it must have occurred before Steamboats even existed… In their brochure, the organization in charge of sales does not hide this uncertain past: “Perhaps the site is haunted by a woman.” , maybe this Lady of Lords”, we can read.

It can also be a way to welcome potential investors. Apart from these ruins and this old house there is also an old mill at the site. Figures from 1841 show that the village has a population of 17 people. In 1891, they were only seven, all living in a large house that was abandoned in 1926. For a future buyer, it will cost no less than £125,000 (or around 150,000 euros). He will also have some fishing rights at Loch Tai. The place is surrounded by seven “Munros”, small hills about 900 meters high.

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