The Scottish election, the SNP won for the fourth time in a row. Sturgeon: “Nothing Now Justifies a ‘No’ to Independence Referendum”

  Scotland won the election, the SNP for the fourth consecutive time.  Sturgeon:

This Scottish National Party Then win the election, but there is no hope complete majority in Edinburgh’s parliament, which would have given Scottish separatists more power to call for a new referendum on secession From Great Britain, had so far been denied by the Prime Minister of London, boris johnson, as calculated by BBC, Formation of first minister Scottish, nicola sturgeon, obtained 63 seats in 2016: enough seats to guarantee the leadership of the next local government, but well below the fundamental quota of 50%, and one set at 65. But the Premier of Edinburgh said: “Nothing is now a proper ‘no’ for a referendum.

Estimates of the British media, while counting is about to end and official proclamation pending, now estimate the assignment of a minority share of seats fixed through voting for lists with a compensation system rather than absolute and definite results. In the majority of colleges (in which SNPs are almost full). Based on this estimate, Sturgeon’s party thus remains with an absolute majority on two seats, the same number five years earlier and one seat less than the 2010 absolute record (64).

second force in the parliament of Edinburgh Johnson remains conservative with 31 seats, as in 2016, confirms historic overtaking on Labor Keer Starrer who loses the other 2 seats and stops at 22. they increase by 3 and instead reach 9 Gave The Scots, who have been an ally of the separatists in recent years and with slightly different tone and terms than the SNP, are also in favor of a second referendum on secession. While they go back by one and 4 i . does not exceed liberal democrat,

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first minister He commented on the result of the vote, saying that he was confident that “There is no justification“This could prevent a new referendum for Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom. There is “undoubtedly a pro-independence majority” in the Scottish Parliament, said Sturgeon, quoted by British media: “For Boris Johnson or anyone else the Scottish people There is no democratic justification for trying to block the right of Decide their future – he said – any politician should have a Westminster Whoever wants to get in the way, I say two things. First, do not go on a confrontation with the SNP, but with the democratic wishes of the Scottish people. Second, you will not succeed. Only the Scottish people can decide the future of Scotland, and no Westminster politician can or should not come in this way.”


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