Top 12 Features of Life in Scotland That Leave Many Questions About Local Culture

If you think about it, travelers don’t know much about this small country, constantly fighting for independence. But Scotland is not only about kilts, passionate players who enjoy spending time at NationalCasino and similar institutions, stunning nature, bagpipes, and great whiskey. It is an extremely distinctive and interesting country.

We have compiled a list of facts that will inspire not only people who love northern nature and culture but also those who like to tickle their nerves.

“True Scotsman”

The issue of wearing underwear under kilts has a special attitude in Scotland. Originally, kilts appeared in the army and were worn on the naked body, that’s why the adherents of this tradition are called “true Scotsmen”. In the past, soldiers were even checked, and those who were “untrue” had their underwear confiscated. Over time, such checks began to be regarded as harassment, and numerous embarrassing situations forced the Scots to finally wear underwear.

But Scots and foreigners who have come to live there tell us that the tradition is still alive. The biggest fear of a Scotsman at a wedding is to embarrass himself on the dance floor because he usually has no underwear under his kilt. Therefore, the men are afraid of the windy weather, sudden movements, and not too sober guests with their jokes about the “true Scotsman.

Nessie and Morag

Loch Ness Lake, like its fictional (or not?) inhabitant Nessie, is located precisely in Scotland. But few people know that the Loch Ness monster has a sister which, according to legend, lives in the Loch Morar, and her name is Morag. Thirty-four encounters with her have been recorded throughout history, and half of them have more than one witness. Her existence is more likely because Loch Ness has already been explored by everyone, while Loch Morar is much deeper, larger, and less popular.

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The Land of the Redheads

In all countries, the proportion of red-headed people is about 1-2% of the total population, but not in Scotland. Here they are about 13%, and thanks to genes, almost any family can have a redheaded child. Researchers believe that this hair color and white skin can get more vitamin D from the sun, which comes in handy considering that the weather in Scotland is usually overcast.

“Not Proven” as One Possible Verdict in Court

Since the 18th century, the Scottish court system has adopted a system of 3 verdicts: “guilty,” “not guilty,” and “not proven.” The latter is rendered as an acquittal, even if the court is sure of the guilt or innocence of the defendant, but cannot prove it. The system has opponents and supporters, but their arguments are equal, so the necessity of a “not proven” verdict cannot be proven.

Scottish Accent in Dwarfism

The stereotypical resident of Scotland likes to drink, swear, and always speaks directly and honestly. Not reminiscent of the stunted characters from fantasy movies or games? Dwarves in fantasy always speak with a Scottish accent, even if they do not understand it. There are almost no members of this race in popular culture today who speak any other way.

Free Feminine Hygiene Products

A year ago, Scotland became the first country in the world to offer women free personal hygiene products. They are available in public institutions such as libraries, schools, and community centers.

Ban on Breeding “Designer” Animals

There is a worldwide demand for breeding breeds of pets with physical handicaps such as short legs, bulging eyes, short noses, etc. These peculiarities become serious health problems for pets, and they begin to need expensive care. Scotland is fighting for animal rights, and breeding of such breeds is prohibited here.

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The World’s Longest Echo

To set a new world record (the previous one, by the way, was also registered in Scotland), British journalist Tom Scott had to go down into an abandoned fuel depot. The echo after the starter pistol shot lasted almost 2 minutes!

Blue Lanterns

Blue lights on the streets of Glasgow were installed for the sake of improving the overall appearance of the city, but the media found an interesting trend: crime and suicide attempts have decreased on the streets. Psychologists explain this by the fact that the color blue is often associated with the police, and areas with unusual lighting make people act more cautiously. Later the Japanese noticed the discovery and also used it.

The Land of Islands

Scotland consists entirely of islands, 790 in total, but people live on only 99. The bulk of the population lives on the northern part of the island of Great Britain, and the remaining islands are used for fishing or abandoned altogether.

Bonnybridge, UFO Village

Scotland is so popular with tourists that even alien visitors flock here. And it is the village of Bonnybridge – the local “portal to the other universe” that attracts them. Each year about 300 people report seeing UFOs here – more than anywhere else on the planet. One in 2 of its residents has seen something like this at least once.

Signs and Gifts

A girl named Pauline Ross told in her video blog about the peculiarities of life in Scotland. For example, Scottish men do not give flowers or even gifts to their beloveds. In a restaurant, a girl should be prepared for the fact that her boyfriend or fiance will not pay for her.


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