Train derailed in Scotland – Panorama

Train derailed in Scotland - Panorama

Three people, including a train driver, were killed in a train accident in Scotland. Local police announced that six others were injured. The train derailed on Wednesday morning after heavy rains near the town of Stonehaven in the northeast of the country. An even bigger tragedy was probably averted only because the train had few passengers.

On Wednesday, deep smoke erupted at the crash site about 160 kilometers northeast of Edinburgh; Police, fire brigade and rescuers were on duty. At least one rescue helicopter was also on site.

According to the British Traffic Police, emergency services were called to work near Stonehaven at 9.43 am local time. During the night there was storm and flooding in the mountainous region. Stonehaven is on a passenger train route connecting Aberdeen with the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

“very sad”

Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon spoke on Twitter of an “extremely serious incident”. It is difficult for assistants to reach the accident site. Police initially did not provide any information about the cause. The PA news agency reported a landslide. The motor vehicle fell under an embankment in one of its four wagons. Hours earlier, the railway operator, Scotrell, warned of flooding in the area.

British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said his thoughts were with the affected and their families. A politician in the area spoke of the “terrible situation”. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote on Twitter, “I am saddened by the very serious incident in Aberdeenshire and my thoughts are with everyone involved. My thanks go to the emergency services on the ground.”

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Later, Queen Elizabeth II., 94 commented. He was deeply saddened by the news of the accident, the emperor announced on Twitter. She and her 99-year-old husband Prince Philip and the entire royal family accompany the families of the dead and injured in thoughts and prayers.


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