Very expensive bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland

Very expensive bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland

The British government has rejected Boris Johnson’s idea of ​​a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland as too expensive.

in short needed

  • The British Prime Minister wanted a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • So he wanted to reinvigorate ties between London and Northern Ireland.
  • However, tunneling or permanent connections have not been implemented.

boris johnson wanted to build a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland – an idea that Johnson particularly election campaign before Brexit had preached. Following his election victory, he began a feasibility study last year for both a bridge and a tunnel.

A panel of experts has declared the idea of ​​a giant bridge too expensive. the panel was from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson instructed.

The result of the report, presented on Friday, was: “At this time, the benefits cannot exceed the costs for the public sector”. Experts recommended not to go ahead with the mega project.

longest bridge ever built

“With the most advanced technologies of the 21st century in the field of civil engineering” even theoretically possibleTo establish relations between the parts of the country.

This is what the authors of the report wrote. It would also have been the “longest” bridge that has ever been built. According to this, a bridge with seven huge main pillars would have been more than 30 kilometers long.

The difficult construction in the deep, windy strait would have cost the bridge £335 billion. This is equal to 412 billion franken, The construction of the tunnel will also be suitable only for rail traffic for security reasons and for technical reasons.

According to calculations, it would cost £209 billion (CHF 260 billion). Of project planning It would have taken “about 30 years” to get into operation.

Johnson’s love for big infrastructure projects

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said BBC After the report was submitted that the project was canceled: “The tunnel or fixed connection will not be implemented.”

Supporters see an opportunity to strengthen London’s ties with the regions of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Brexit Is charged. Johnson is also known for his penchant for large infrastructure projects.

For example, as mayor of London, he wanted to build a new bridge over the Thames. about 63 million. The project ultimately failed due to the high cost of euro, They also had a promised high-speed rail link to Leeds. Government Recently postponed in London due to cost reasons.

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