Video. Sean Connery’s ashes will be partially scattered in Scotland

  Video.  Sean Connery's ashes will be partially scattered in Scotland

Actor Sean Connery and his wife, painter Michelle Rokbrune – Chris DELMAS / Visual Press Agency

As per the actor’s final wishes, Sean Connery Will rest in his native Scotland. Ten days after his death, the actor’s widow, Michelle Rokbrune, told Scottish Mail on Sunday Family plans for burial of legendary actor
James Bond.

“He wanted his ashes scattered inside Bahamas But also in their country of origin. So as soon as it is possible and safe to travel, the family intends to return to Scotland with him, ”announced that he had been marrying Starr for 45 years. If he had left Scotland for a long time and had actually been living in the Bahamas with his wife since the 1990s, Sean Connery would have been very attached to his birthplace, even “Scotland Forever” on his arm. Had a tattoo on

“We are going to organize a tribute to him in Scotland”

Michele Rokbrune confirms that Sean Connery’s family also wants to organize a special event to commemorate the star’s memory. “We are going to organize a tribute to him in Scotland. This is what we hope for anyway. But we cannot say when this tribute will take place.

Sean Connery’s remains are expected to be cremated at a small ceremony near Limford Caye, Bahamas, where he lived, and his ashes will be kept until international travel is reauthorized.

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