Where was Anola Holmes shot? Location Guide for Netflix Movie

  Where was Anola Holmes shot?  Location Guide for Netflix Movie

September is proving to be an exciting month for Netflix subscribers, mainly thanks to the arrival of Anola Holmes – the new adventure film starring Stranger Things’ Mili Bobby Brown ‘as Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister.

Filmed across locations across the UK, Anola Holmes is set in 19th-century London, where 16-year-old Anola has escaped from school after being sent by her brothers to search for a missing mother.

With a display of various political houses in this Netflix movie, fans of Jacobian architecture are in for a treat and if you want to know more about the properties of the National Trust featured on TV and in the movie, check out. National Trust on screen – Available for purchase on Amazon.

Here’s what you need to know about the filming locations used for Anola Homes.

Benthall Hall, Shropshire


The Benthall Hall in Shropshire was used for the exterior scenes in Freundle Hall – Holmes’ family property.

While at Enola Homes, the estate seems somewhat overlooked, relaxed and imaginary, on the outside of the shooting, Benthole Hall looks completely different – a well-maintained site needed a lot of work to grow.

“In the story we have brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, who arrived home for the first time and Mycroft was expressing disappointment at the condition of their home. He is sending money to his mother for maintenance but he has more to do with the money, ”said production designer Michael Carlin.

“The gardeners and the housekeepers at Benthall were brilliant to let the gardens really grow abundantly and let us cut down the overgrown vines in the outdoors.”

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For more information on Benthall Hall, check out National Trust on screenIs, which you can buy on Amazon.

West Horsley Place, East Sussex

Anola Holmes


The West Horsley location in East Sussex provided interior space for Holmes’ family home. The 50-bedroom building dates back to the 15th century, both visited by Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.

“We lived in this building for weeks creating wonderful un compliant orchards in Eudoria’s bedroom, library, kitchen and backyard,” Carlin said. “If the house is gorgeous but fully grown and covered with real plants from plant life and Eudoria paintings everywhere.”

Luton Who

Anola Holmes


At Luton Who, sets were made for London’s East End, in which Anola Viscount will fight off a Texbury bowler-hatted assassin, Lithron (Bern Gorman).

“We built the East End between the outbuildings at Luton Who …” Carling said. “… where we’ve had Anola face poverty for the first time so the orphans go through this scene and have a sense of real deprivation.”

Arle railway station

Mili Bobby Brown in Henry Cavill, Sam Cleflin and Enola Holmes


At the beginning of the film, Anola meets her brothers as she gets off her train from London, a scene filmed at the Earle railway station – a heritage steam railway site on the Severn Valley railway line in Worcestershire.

Royal Naval College Greenwich

Anola Holmes


Anola’s arrival in London was shot at the Royal Naval College Lodge in Greenwich, where a production crew took over to create a 19th-century British spirit.

“We needed to make it a real culture shock to enter the city for the first time so we built a huge set in Greenwich with lots of facades and hilly streets, hundreds of extras, 30 horses and dozens of horse drawn vehicles.” To get on the two-story Omni buses with surprise. ‘

Hatfield House

Anola Holmes


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The Basilweather House – the home of Viscount Tacosbury – is in fact the Hatfield House, a huge country house in Hertfordshire and the home of the Rainbow Portrait, Elizabeth I’s very famous Tudor painting.

“Hatfield House gave us the Basilweather House, the home of Downer, quite different from Fernand’s warmth and femininity,” Carlin said.

HM Treasury Building

Anola Holmes


One of the film’s last scenes was shot in the drum court – a circular garden found inside the Treasury building in Westminster. This is where Sherlock and Mycroft hope to meet Enola, although they are not proving successful.

Anola Homes is available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday 23 September 2020. CHack our catalog Best series on Netflix And The best movies on Netflix. IIf you’re looking to watch something, check out our TV guide.


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