Where’s Mike Pence? The VP has gone missing after the Trump administration denied the election loss

  Where's Mike Pence?  The VP has gone missing after the Trump administration denied the election loss

He appeared on the campaign trail with Donald Trump on the eve of election day, a low profile among the people since Mike Pence began filtering out the results – and despite the Trump administration’s tough fight against signs of losing the president. .

And on the second day of the call for Race Bijen and Kamala Harris, the vice president’s public schedule was found to be empty. He has not tweeted since the race was called.

At the time of writing, this makes it something unusual among the president’s allies.

While some Republicans have begun to distance themselves from the presidency and their false claims that the election has been stolen from them, others – such as Senator Lindsay Graham and many top White House staffers – are determined to fight to the bitter end, doubling. . On the President’s statements (most of them issued by Twitter).

Mr. Pence, at the present time, neither in the camp, though vague, raises questions about what he will do next because he is not usually kept in the background by the administration, and has no special record of breaking up with the president in public in political tensions. Moments

However, he has chosen to isolate himself once instead of fighting the President’s corner in the wake of the devastating story.

The Republican Party planned to dump Mr. Trump immediately and replace him with Mr. Pence at the top of the ticket, and some top-level Republicans publicly called for him.

However, Mr. Pence’s response was further measured: he issued a statement condemning Mr. Trump’s words and then withdrew from public presentation, first avoiding contact with his running mate to pray with his wife.

He insulated himself from public events and the press corps, and days after the scandal broke out, voters returned with a message of solidarity, with Mr. Trump demanding to stay behind to keep Hillary Clinton out of power.

Comments were made to contact Mr. Pence’s office fee


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