William and Kate go to Scotland: welcome is an insult

William and Kate go to Scotland: welcome is an insult

For William and Kate, arrival in Scotland is very special: the royal tour by train ends in “cold”

Prince William and his amazing wife Kate are heroes of the new Royal Tour Christmas. The yatra rides in the royal train and performs various stages to encourage and travel the people.

The journey started from London on Sunday evening and it is planned to cover a distance of about 2 thousand kilometers in three days. England, Wales crossing Scotland.

This initiative was conceived at the time of the epidemic When the state was facing a state of health emergency, all the British families were locked up due to a harsh lockout in the house.

The two royals on the road pay tribute to those fighting on the front line against Kovid-19. The tour, which traverses the entire empire, ends today in the Welsh capital Cardiff. Here the Duke of Cambridge is greeted Oliver dowden, Minister of Culture.

The minister, who had come exclusively from London for the occasion, was waiting for William and Kate, along with other local officials. Therefore the arrival ceremony is simple and intimate.

William and Kate: Welcome With Less Tones

Welcome to the same criterion Scotland had the same characteristics. William and Kate drown in a shy and polite environment.

The landscape reserved for William and Kate has indeed appeared necessary. Upon the arrival of the train with the Edinburgh Dynasty insignia, the two received a deputy mayor charged with ceremonial honors and representation of some commoners, such as railway transport workers.

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The coldness towards the duke has developed in this way due to the need to respect all other rules imposed in the Kingdom and a ban on all other rules.


Hence, now incurable Queen Elizabeth, at the age of 92, lives in the royal palace of Windsor in solitary confinement for precautionary reasons. William and Kate concluded their Christmas tour in a very special way.

Scottish Prime Minister of Local Government Freedom, Nikola Sturgeon, While avoiding the controversy directed by him, he has already confirmed in the last few hours Kensington Palace Despite the safety rules, it was an independent decision to proceed with the trip.

The Duke was already aware of the restrictions imposed in Scotland for reasons of Kovid’s health precautions.

and also Welsh Minister of Health, von Grilling, Underlined that if no one thinks of making “unnecessary visits” it would be better because cases of Kovid are increasing.

It also specifies how “Their journey should not become an excuse for people to be confused about what they are being asked to do. “.


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