“Your travel? Travel is not necessary”

tomaso lecca
January 28, 2021 at 4:20 pm

Trip to Scotland scheduled for today boris johnson, It is “a non-essential travel” that should have been banned under the rules of COVID-19, which “should be applied to all of us”, even for the British prime minister. The attack belongs to the Scottish leader, nicola sturgeon, which is riding the wave of separatism that swept Britain’s north with greater force after Brexit. The request for a new referendum on independence has been prompted by an exit from the European Union, opposed by Scottish voters, and driven by the widespread belief that London’s central government has proved unable to manage and contain the pandemic crisis. A recently released poll by The Sunday Times found that only 22% of Scots think Johnson has done a good job with Covid-19, compared to 61% endorsement countermeasures by Sturgeon, who is also the party leader. . Scottish National.

Johnson: “Here are the advantages of living in the UK”

Despite the criticism, Johnson keeps going. Downing Street sources reported that the Conservative premier’s visit was not only confirmed despite the independence leader’s attacks, but also insisted that the flow of money from London was fundamental, accounting for 62% of the Purchase was permitted. Testing on Covid used in Scotland. It is a broad statistic to illustrate, as reiterated by the premier over the past few hours, that “the great benefits of cooperation across the United Kingdom have never been more evident since the start of this pandemic”.

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New requests for referendum

Prime Minister Johnson’s visit, the same source cited by the British press, will serve to assess whether the distribution of vaccines is progressing rapidly and at the same level as the rest of the United Kingdom. The stone guests of the visit of the British leader are the demand for independence, did support, According to the latest surveys, compared to 44% and 7% undecided against 49% Scots. Excluding the latter, the separatists showed 52% in favor of an independent Scotland, far higher than the 44.7% collected by the separatists in the 2014 referendum. Which marked a serious defeat for those hoping for an independent Scotland.


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