A change that worries England? This Little Detail That Doesn’t Reassure Queen Elizabeth II’s Health Status

 A change that worries England?  This Little Detail That Doesn't Reassure Queen Elizabeth II's Health Status

Exit Brexit hero: After three years and 44 days, barely more than Theresa May, whom he replaced in 2019, Boris Johnson is leaving what he called “the best job in the world”, a series of scandals After dozens of resignations started pouring in at the beginning of July in his close confederacy. This Tuesday, he will officially present his resignation to Queen Elizabeth, who will then ask Liz Truss to form a government, in a particularly difficult period for the United Kingdom facing a historic economic and social crisis.

A detail in this news caught the attention of the British. Indeed, the transfer of power would take place at Balmoral, the monarch’s summer residence, and not at Buckingham Palace in London, as is the tradition. It therefore raises concerns about the state of health of the sovereign, which is currently plagued by mobility concerns.

So to reassure themselves, the British are waiting for the traditional picture between the Queen and the new Prime Minister.


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