A local elected official admitted to being at the origin of several wildfires in France: “It was not suspicious”.

A local elected official admitted to being at the origin of several wildfires in France:

In recent days, Ardche has faced multiple simultaneous fires in a small geographical area, which has prompted authorities to raise the possibility of an arsonist act.

A suspect was immediately taken into custody on Wednesday morning at the Largentier Gendarmerie Company.

Human “who had a significant level of alcoholism during his arrest” confessed after having “Confronted with the many evidence gathered by investigators” Establishing the presence of himself and his car at the start of the fire, which took a total of 12 fires, according to a press release from the immigration prosecution.

suspicious “admitted the facts with which he has been charged” And to be produced before the Inquiry Judge of the Residence Court this Friday. “A more precise hearing will come to outline their responsibility for all fire starts”Prosecutor for Privas Cecil Depred said.

The president of the Ardche department, Olivier Amarane, condemned the loss on Thursday. “On a scale unprecedented in Ardeche” and called for exemplary sanctions.

“Arsonists are criminals who endanger the safety of people and damage our heritage”He said in a press release, announcing that he had filed a complaint.

Great drought and wind have favored outbreaks of fires in many departments in recent days, some criminal, others accidental.

A firefighter and a local elected official… What do we know about the perpetrator

This Friday, our colleagues at BFMTV revealed more details about the suspect. He is a 36-year-old man, a volunteer firefighter and forester who is in charge of preventing and reducing forest fires. The person also serves a political function, as he is elected deputy in his commune of Saint-Jean-de-la-Blacier in Hérault.

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Yet according to BFM, during his confession, the man went ahead and explained his body language. “an oppressive family environment” from whom he wanted to run away. it also adds a feeling “The need for social recognition”,

suspects also “adrenaline” And “excitement” That interference provoked him when he had to go and fight the fire. In an interview submitted to the “Journal Toulouse” in 2021, he describes a “Passion Work”, “When we are called into the fire, there is certainly fear, but we are guided above all by adrenaline and the desire to save our nature. […] We are all used to. Even sometimes, those who say we are crazy!”.

Obviously, there is excitement in the city of the attacking firefighter. “He was a wise man who knew the area perfectly. He had no doubts”The mayor explains Bernard Jahnich to BFMTV.


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