A mass in tribute to the victims of the drowning of “Francia”

A mass in tribute to the victims of the drowning of

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four days after the ship sank France, which killed 85 people on Monday northwest of Madagascar, was called off this Thursday 23 December. On this day of national mourning, declared by the President of the Republic, a mass was held in the capital of the region of the disaster in the afternoon to pay tribute to the victims.

With our correspondent in Antananarivo, laure verneau

Mass at Fénérive-Est lasted more than three hours. The ceremony, punctuated by the discovery and burial of the victims’ bodies, kicked off a dramatic week.

What to do with unidentified dead bodies? He was buried by default in a temporary cemetery on the outskirts of Soneirana Ivongo, where the boat was aground.

The relatives present on the spot were successful in bringing their deceased home.

Impact, money and identity cards helped to understand why 138 people were trapped in a nearby boat on Monday morning.

Known to be in a difficult area, they were seasonal workers who harvested cloves for three months, a little further north on the coast. With the money he earned, he wanted to join his family for Christmas as soon as possible.

According to a driver in the area, an underground boat trip takes two to three hours to make the Antanambe-Soanierana connection, while it takes about a day for Bush Taxi to break through.

The national road is actually one of the worst roads in the country, with tracks, ruts, cans and watering holes. A structural problem for the economy, but which also, as we can see in this play, has a dramatic impact on the lives of residents.

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